• Animal Tracking with BEASTTRACKER AIR

    Maximum Service. Maximum Security. Minumum Size. Minimum Weight.

  • The Full-Solution for Live-Tracking your Pets and Animals.

    All-in: Professional GPS-Tracker. Modern Software & Apps. International Connectivity. Services.

  • BEASTTRACKER - GPS Security without compromise!

    Modern. Easy to use. Small. Leight. Powerful. Fast. Waterproof. Reliable. Flexible fastening.

  • Invite your Family & Friends for Co-Tracking

    Already inclusive: Multiple users can track your pets & animals. Simple and without any additional fees.

  • BEASTTRACKER can be fastened everywhere.

    All kind of Collars. All Harnesses, Holders, Strings, Belts or other objects.

  • Get started in more than 150 international networks instantly.

    1 month international data connectivity in more than 150 networks is already included in the BEASTTRACKER package.

  • Professional Tracking-Software: WebApp & Mobile App

    Easy to use. Professional functionality: Live-Tracking. Route-Tracking. Route Management. Statistics & Analysis.
    Data Archives. Geo-Fences. Motion Detector. Emergency Mode etc.

  • We are the experts for pet and animal security.

    BEASTTRACKER is presented by - the experts for Tagging & Tracking solutions.

All-in Starter-Kit: GPS Hardware, Tracking-Software, Connectivity and Mounting.

The Starter-Kit has everything you need to locate, track and control the activity of your pet or animal internationally: In case of emergency or just for fun. Suitable for many animal species. High-quality GPS hardware with different mounting options for collars, harnesses or leashes. An enclosed 1 month eVoucher allows you also using the BEASTOWNER Tracking-Software (WebApp & MobileApp) and a international Data Connection (SIM card). After 1 month you can extend the service optionally and easily. With the Starter-Kit you get everything from one source and are ready to go!

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Function examples

  • Track and locate your pet/animal easily and at any time.
  • Know exactly where your animal is. In an potential emergency or just for fun.
  • Control the activity of your animal (Activity Monitor).
  • Ideally suited for dogs, horses, cats and other animals.
  • Record routes or positions and archive them.
  • Receive reports and statistics (Activity-Monitoring).
  • Prepared for international usage.
  • International data connection in more than 150 networks worldwide.
  • Flexible mounting for existing collars, harnesses, halters etc.
  • Extensive Tracking-Software - powerful and easy to use.
  • Invite your friends & family as co-users a (Co-Owner).
    So they can follow the GPS-Sender or watch Routes also.
  • and much more.

Our Starter-Kit - Unbeatable!

  • 1 USB charging cable and charging carriages
  • 1 Adjustable collar
  • Instructions
  • Free account

BEASTTRACKER is for everyone interested in animal security.

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The Simple Steps To Start Your BEASTTRACKER Package


Buy your BEASTTRACKER package.
Inform yourself about the Source of Supply.




Create your Account and arrange WebApp or App.

1 month Month Tracking Service is already included in your package.


Activate and Connect your Tracker within your Account. 
1 month Month international data-connectivity is already included in your package.


Fix or Clip the Tracker to your animal. To all Collars, Harnesses, Holders, Belts etc.

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Your Family & Friends can also track your pets easily. In an emergency or just for fun.

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What to look for when buying your GPS solution ...

You know that for sure: There are several vendors that offer a similar product. But not always is the first offer or best price the best solution. That's why we have you here a few tips - based on our experience. You might want to consider this when buying a tracking solution for you and your pet. For the BEASTTRACKER, we have considered all these points with great care.

Strong battery

Very important is a strong battery! At least 500 mAh or more for permanent live tracking should be there. Stand-by at least 10 days. Therefore, good equipment is today still "a bit" larger.

Stable antennas

Good reception is only possible with really strong antennas for GPS and data connection. It is crucial that these are installed on the front panel. This also reduces the radiation.

On/Off on the device

The GPS sender should have an on/off/standby switch on the device directly. After turning on the device a preselected program should start automatically. For you that means then: "On & Go".

Quad Band support

Only with quad-band support your GPS device can log on and send in international networks: Europe, America, Asia and Australia. This enables you to use your international data plan properly.

Fast, accurate GPS

The faster and more accurate your device can determine its current GPS position and passed, the more joy you have. Especially in serious situations.

Durable & Secure

Your device should be really able to cope with long-term use "Outside" - in all situations. In shock, water and dust. There should be a formal certification (eg IP66 / IP67) available.

Control with GSM & GPRS

The sender should be able to be controlled with both GSM (SMS) as well as GPRS (WebApp & MobileApp). This accessibility and comfort is guaranteed.

Modern software

The software to control the tracker should be offered with professional features and easy operation. Available as a browser version or Mobile App.

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